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Minneapolis - Town vs. County Stats

Avg Price in Minneapolis: $415,600 / County Avg $533,500


Avg Taxes in Minneapolis: $4,900 / County Avg $5,000


Avg Sq. Ft. in Minneapolis: 1,625 / County Avg 2,126


Avg Price per/sqft in Minneapolis:$256 / County Avg $251


Avg Walkscore in Minneapolis: 73 / County Avg 45


Avg Year Built in Minneapolis: 1948 / County Avg 1969


Avg Days on Website in Minneapolis: 49 / County Avg 48


Minneapolis Real Estate Market Health

New Listings
Short Sales
Areas in Minneapolis MN
1200 On The Mall
212 Lofts
301 Clifton
301 Clifton Condominium Assn
510 Groveland
5th Ave Lofts
607 Washington
801 Washington
A B Franklins Add
A M Reids Sub Nely 1-2 St Anth
A Oddens Add
A S Adams Add
A Y Davidsons 2nd Add
A Y Davidsons Add
Adams Rgt Lts Monarch & Burges
Aldrich Point Condominium
Algots Add To Richfield
Allan & Andersons 2nd Add
Amelia Lakeside Park
American Trio Lofts
Anderson Douglas & Co 2nd Add
Arlington Heights
Auditors Sub 116
Auditors Sub 131
Auditors Sub 148
Auditors Sub 149
Auditors Sub 163
Auditors Sub 164
Auditors Sub 166
Auditors Sub 236
Auditors Sub 237
Auditors Sub 368
B S Wrights Add
Bachmans Lynnhurst Terrace Ric
Badger & Penneys 2nd Add
Bakers 2nd Add
Bakers 4th Add
Bakers 4th Addition
Bakers 5th Add
Barrows Add
Berrys 1st Add
Bests Nicollet Ave Add
Bidlemans Add
Blakemans 2nd Add
Blocks 1 & 2 Of Sevenoaks
Blocks 12 13 14 15 Minnehaha P
Bloomington Park Add
Bohanon & Hanscomes Addition
Bookmen Lofts
Borups Add To Town Of St Antho
Bottineaus 2nd Add Town Of St
Bowens 2nd Add
Branham & Greenleafs Add
Brodericks Add
Brownie Lake Add
Buschs Washburn Park Heights A
Bush Terrace
Butlers Brookside Add
Byrona Add To The City Of
C F E Peterson Co Nokomis Park
C F E Petersons Cedar Ave Add
C F E Petersons Minnehaha Add
C P Jones Add
C W Bowens Add
Calhoun Highlands
Calhoun Park
California Park Add
Calkins Add
Camden Bungalow Add
Camden Gardens Add
Camden Homes
Camden Oaks Add
Camden Park Add
Cataract Add
Cedar - Isles - Dean
Cedar Ave Heights Add
Cedar Lake Park Add
Centre Village
Centre Village Condos
Chicago Ave & Lyndale Add
Chicago Ave Highlands
Chicago Ave Park
Chute Bros 1st Add To City Of
Cic 0101 1200 On The Mall
Cic 0158 415 Ridgewood Hills C
Cic 0240 Mount Curve Condo
Cic 0624 City Heights Condo At
CIC 0775 Riverview Tower Condo
Cic 0823 North Star Lofts Cond
Cic 0847 River Station Condo
Cic 0935 Stone Arch Washburn L
Cic 0946 City Homes On Park Av
Cic 1029 301 Kenwood Pkwy Cond
Cic 1052 Lindsay Lofts Condo
Cic 1060 4430 W Lake Harriet P
Cic 1090 Grant Park
Cic 1149 Dupont Manor Condo
Cic 1151 Lofts On Arts Ave
Cic 1153 Colonial Court Condo
Cic 1190 3708 Bryant Ave S Con
Cic 1206 301 Clifton Condo
Cic 1210 Six Quebec Condo
Cic 1221 3rd Ave Place Condo
Cic 1225 Bookmen Lofts Condo
Cic 1227 Calhoun Place Condo
Cic 1239 3527 Dupont Condo
Cic 1245 301 Oak Grove Condo
Cic 1248 3540 Harriet Condo
Cic 1259 Bassett Creek Lofts
Cic 1266 Diamond Lake Condo
Cic 1276 The Renaissance At 18
Cic 1294 The Lennox
Cic 1298 Midtown Lofts Condo
Cic 1300 710 Lofts
Cic 1308 Hiawatha Court Condo
Cic 1309 Franklin Lofts Condo
Cic 1313 Park Ave Lofts
Cic 1317 Water View Condo
Cic 1324 Delta Condos On Lynda
Cic 1331 1900 4th Ave Condo
Cic 1338 Tower Lofts Condo
Cic 1343 The Lofts At Internat
Cic 1346 4701 Grand Ave S Cond
Cic 1350 American Trio Lofts C
Cic 1356 Riverwalk Lofts
Cic 1369 Bookmen Stacks Condo
Cic 1372 16th St Condo
Cic 1373 3310 Nicollet Condos
Cic 1380 The Carlyle
Cic 1382 The Groveland
Cic 1399 Boardwalk Condos
Cic 1428 Security Warehouse-5t
Cic 1430 The Chicago Condo
Cic 1431 Ivy Resdidence
Cic 1434 Sexton Condo
Cic 1447 Groveland Terrace Con
Cic 1467 721 West 37th St Cond
Cic 1474 Condos At Lake Calhou
Cic 1484 Calumet Lofts
Cic 1485 1901 Lofts A Condo
Cic 1486 The Falls & Pinnacle
Cic 1487 Riverwest Condo
Cic 1489 1945 Fremont Ave S Co
Cic 1492 Grand 2732 Condo
Cic 1495 The Greenhouse Condo
Cic 1501 Garfield Commons Cond
Cic 1505 1800 Clinton Condo
Cic 1512 Cedar 28 Condo
Cic 1513 3037 Knox Condos
Cic 1514 Madison Lofts Condo
Cic 1516 Uptown Estates Condo
Cic 1527 Elliot Flats Condo
Cic 1537 Clinton Estates Condo
Cic 1540 Cswy Lofts Condo
Cic 1550 Loop Calhoun Condos
Cic 1551 Condos On Grand
Cic 1555 Colfax Commons
Cic 1556 La Casa Dorada Condo
Cic 1564 Kingsfield Court Cond
Cic 1567 Eat Street Flats Cond
Cic 1568 Phoenix On The River
Cic 1589 Lakewest Condo
Cic 1590 3252 Fremont Condo
Cic 1601 The Phoenix On 3rd Co
Cic 1606 2530-2532 First Ave C
Cic 1607 1800 Lasalle Condo
Cic 1608 3215 Pillsbury Condo
Cic 1624 38th Street Station C
Cic 1630 Flour Sack Flats Cond
Cic 1634 Lumen On Lagoon
Cic 1636 2011 Emerson Ave S Co
Cic 1640 East Harriet Flats Co
Cic 1642 Aldrich Point Condo
Cic 1645 4616 Colfax Condo
Cic 1662 Harmony-Home Condos S
Cic 1673 Whitney Landmark Resi
Cic 1686 2881 Irving Condo
Cic 1713 Corridor Flats Condo
Cic 1721 University Flats
Cic 1734 The W Condos
Cic 1751 The Edgewater
Cic 1763 3120 Hennepin Condo
Cic 1766 Bridgewater Lofts
Cic 1772 Grand Ave Condos
Cic 1789 3549 Emerson Ave S Co
Cic 1792 Mill Trace Condo
Cic 1822 Harvester Lofts Condo
Cic 1837 Skyscape
Cic 1839 Cheslakee Parkview Co
Cic 1879 1801 Fremont Ave S Co
Cic 1887 Cityview Condos
Cic 1984 Stonebridge Lofts
Cic 2028 Portland Tower Condo
Cic 2057 Legacy Lofts A Condo
Cic No 1368 The Claridge Condo
Clarkes Third Ave Sub
Clifton 2nd Add
Clifton Add
Co-Op 1300 On The Park 0002
Co-Op 2309 Grand Ave Assoc 013
Co-Op 2615 Park Ave Assoc 0019
CO-OP 510 Groveland Assoc 0038
Co-Op Cityview Cooperative 011
Co-Op Clearview Co-Op 0003
Co-Op The Nokoma Cic 1924
Cobalt Condominiums
Cobbs Add To St Anthony
Cole & Weeks Add
Columbia Heights Add
Condo 0023 River Towers Condo
Condo 0036 3033 E Calhoun Cond
Condo 0074 Girard Apts
Condo 0084 Calhoun Ambassador
Condo 0095 Lake Point Condo
Condo 0109 Kenwood Hills Condo
Condo 0128 The Tower 1200 Mall
Condo 0133 The Isles Condo
Condo 0134 The Bellevue Condo
Condo 0135 Harriet Place Condo
Condo 0140 Garfield Gables Con
Condo 0149 Aldrich Square Cond
Condo 0150 Dupont Manor Condo
Condo 0152 Brownstones 2500 Ly
Condo 0153 Calhoun Lake Homes
Condo 0161 504 Franklin West C
Condo 0173 Three Fountains Con
Condo 0182 3108 Bryant Condo
Condo 0187 Fremont Plaza Condo
Condo 0194 Loring Way Condo
Condo 0221 Bush Terrace Condo
Condo 0222 Summit House A Cond
Condo 0229 Lowry Hill Place A
Condo 0232 Winslow House Condo
Condo 0256 Calhoun Gardens Con
Condo 0257 1900 Stevens Condo
Condo 0260 The Crossings A Con
Condo 0264 St Anthony Condo
Condo 0284 Calhoun Isles A Con
Condo 0292 Intown On Lake A Co
Condo 0296 Pleasant View Condo
Condo 0313 The Itasca Condos
Condo 0335 Kenwood Estates Con
Condo 0354 Kenosha Condo
Condo 0363 Nessa Condo
Condo 0377-1 Rappahannock Flat
Condo 0451 Loring Green East
Condo 0531 Centre Village Cond
Condo 0545 La Rive A Condo
Condo 0568 The Historic Bremer
Condo 0569 Bremer Way Condo
Condo 0576 Kenwood Isles A Con
Condo 0580 Standish Green Cond
Condo 0635 Wellington Condo
Condo 0653 Lincoln-Lowry Hill
Condo 0687 Lowry Gardens A Con
Condominium No. 0648 Greystone
Condos At Lake Calhoun
Cottage City
Crepeaus 3rd Add
Crepeaus 4th Add
Crims Add
Crosby Invest Co 1st Add
Cummings Park View
Dahindens Add
De La Pointe
De Milles Lake Harriet Add
Dean Park
Deming & Kinmores 2nd Add
Diamond Lake
Diamond Lake Acres
Diamond Lake Terrace
Dormans 1st Add
Dunsmoor & Moshers Add
Dunsmoors 5th Add
Dunsmoors Rgt Of 2nd Nic Ave A
E H Danns Driving Park Add
East Isles
East Riverside Add
East Side Add
East Side Addition to MPLS
Eat Street Flats & Market
Eat Street Flats And Market
Eckbergs 1st Add
Edgewater On Nokomis
Edgewater On Nokomis 2nd Add
Edgewater On Nokomis 3rd Add
Edgewater On Nokomis 6th Add
Edwin Phillips Add
Egberts 2nd Add
Egberts Add
Eglantine Add
Elisha Morses Add
Elmdale Add
Elmhurst Add
Elwells 2nd Add
Elwells Add
Emerson Heights Add
Emmet Dahl Add
Ericksons Add
Estabrooks Add
Eustis 3rd Add
Excelsior Add
F A Savages Portland Ave Add
Fairlawn Add
Fairmount Park Add
Falls Pinnacle
Farnhams Add
Fields Sub Park Add
First avenue flats
First Div Of Remington Park
Fletcher & Lorings Add
Forest Heights
Forest Park Add
Fort Ave Add
Fosters 2nd Add
Fourth Div Of Seven Oaks Acres
Frove Street Flats
Fullers River-Dale Add
Gales 1st Add
Gales Sub Sherburne Beebe Add
Gardners Add
Garveys Rustic Lodge Add
Gene Prather Add
George Applebys Add
George F Jacksons Add
Gilbert & Andersons Add
Gilpatricks 2nd Add
Girard Brookside Park
Girard Invest Co 06th Add
Girard Invest Co 07th Add
Girard Terrace Add
Gjertsens Lake Amelia Add
Glen Brae
Glencar Add
Gordon 2nd Add
Grant Park
Greenleaf Lofts
Greens 3rd Add
Greens 8th Add
Groveland Add
Groveland Terrace
Harriet Crest
Harriet Heights
Harriet Manor
Harriet Terrace Add
Harrisons 2nd Add
Harveys Add
Hastings Add
Hatcher & Hughes Add
Hawthorne Park
Hawthorne Park 2nd Div
Hennepin Ave Add
Hiawatha Rgt Of Lts Mathers Ou
Hiawatha Sub
Higgins & Sinclairs Add
Higgins 1st Add
Highland Home Add
Highland Park Add
Higman Ridgway & Cos Add
Hillcrest Add To Washburn Park
Humboldt Greenway
Humboldt Greenway 2nd Add
Humboldt Greenway 5th Add
Humboldt Greenway Seventh Add
Humboldt Greenway Sixth Add
Idlewild Add
Irving 1st Add
Island Park Add
J G Lennons Add
J L Johnsons Add
J S & W Elliots Add
J T Blaisdells Rev Add
James Ave Add
James G Reids 5th Add
James M Gillespies 3rd Add
Jarvis Pleasant View Add
Jenny Lind Homes Tr 1
Jerome & Lathams Add
Joseph Lowrys Add
Kavlis Lake Harriet Lynhurst A
Kenilworth 2nd Add
Kenmore Krest
Kenwood Rgt
Kerner Park
Knapps Park Ave Add
Kohrs Rgt Seven Oaks River Lts
Koko Heights
L D Richardsons Add
L F Menages Add
L P Creviers Add
Lake Calhoun Add
Lake Harriet Park
Lake Nokomis Shores
Lake Of The Isles Add
Lake Point
Lakeview Add
Lathams Nokomis View
Lauderdales Sub Lts Babbitts O
Le Barons 1st Add
Leavitts Add
Legacy Lofts
Leins Penn Ave Add
Lennon & Newells Add To St Ant
Leonora Park Add
Lewis Add
Liberty Heights 2nd Add
Liberty Heights Add
Lincoln Street Sup East Side A
Linda Park Add
Linden Grove
Linden Hills
Lindley & Lingenfelter Add
Linds North East Add
Lindsay Lofts
Livingston Park
Loop Calhoun
Loring Green East
Loring Green West
Lumen on Lagoon
Lyn Park Add
Lyndale Ave Add
Lyndale Heights Add
Maben White & Le Brons Add
Mabie & Haydens Add
Macfees Rgt Blks 11 & 13 Lake
Mary H Fockens Add
Melbys Add
Memorial Villas
Menages Sup To East Side Add
Metroplace Condo
Mill Cos Add To St Anthony Fal
Mill Trace
Millers Sub F Babbitts Outlots
Milwaukee Mall Add
Minikahda View 2nd Add
Minnehaha Add
Minnehaha Blvd Add
Minnehaha Highlands
Minnehaha Park Add
Minnehaha Parkview
Minnehaha Parkview Add
Minnehaha Pkwy Add
Minnehaha Terrace
Mississippi Park Add
Monroe Bros Add
Monroe Bros Sub Of Lts Herrick
Montgomery Park Add
Morris Park 2nd Add
Morrison & Lovejoys Add
Motor Line Add
Mount Curve
Mumford Park Add
Murdoughs Addn to Mpls
Newcastle Flats Condominums
Newcombs Add
Newels Sub Of Cutters Add
Nichols-Frissell Cos Bungalow
Nichols-Frissell Cos Mckinley
Nichols-Frissell Cos Penn Lawn
Nichols-Frissell Cos Shady Oak
Nichols-Frissell Cos Stewart H
Nicollet Heights
Nicollet Heights Sub 1
Nicollet Island - East Bank
Nicollet Park Add
Nimmons & Pratts Add
Nokomis Park View
Nokomis South Park Add
Nokomis South Shore 2nd Add
Nokomis South Shore Add
Nokomis View Add
North High School Add
North Motor Line Add
Northland Oaks Add
Northrop Lane Add
Oak Crest
Oak Hill Park
Oak Park Add
Oak Wood Add
Ocallaghans Add
Oliver Park Add
Olivet Add
Olsons 2nd Add
Orth & Hechtmans Add To St Ant
P C Demings Rev Side Add
Palmers Add
Park Add
Park Ave Lofts
Park Ave Terrace
Park View Add
Parker & Jermans Add
Parkers Add
Parry Park
Penn Crosstown Add
Penn Manor 3rd Add
Perkins Hill Add
Perkins Seven Oaks Add
Peteler & Goodrichs Add
Peters 2nd Add
Pleasant Ave Add
Pleasant Heights Add
Pleasant Park Add
Pleasant Place Add
Pond & Pettibones Add
Portico at the Falls
Portland Ave 2nd Add
Portland Park Add
Portland Tower
Prospect Park 1st Div Rev
Prospect Park 2nd Div Rev
Queen Ave Add
Quirk & Harrops Add
Radisson Heights
Ramsey Lockwood & Others Add S
Registered Land Surv 42 Tracts
Remington Park
Remingtons 2nd Add
Rgt Goulds Add
Rgt Woodbridges 2nd Add - Blk
Ridgeways 1st Add
River Towers
River Towers Condominiums
Riverside Blvd Add
Riverside Park
Riverview Tower
Robert Blaisdells Add
Robert Piersons Add
Roberts 2nd Add
Rollins 2nd Add
Rosedale Park
Russells 3rd Add
S C Cutters Add
Sable Cic #2098
Scarsdale Park Add
Seallum Gates 4th Add
Second Div Of Remington Park
Sexton Lofts
Shartles 2nd Add
Shenandoah Terrace
Sibley Add To St Anth
Sidle Park
Silver Lake Add
Smith & Howes 1st Add
South Gate Terrace 1st Div
South Lawn Add
South Minneapolis Add
South Minneapolis Heights
South Morgan Add
South Side Add
St Anthony Heights
Starings Minnehaha Blvd Add
Steeles Lake Harriet Park Add
Stevens Park Condos
Subd Ferrants 1st Add
Summit House
Summit View Add
Sunnyside Add
Sunset Gables
Supplement To Forest Heights
Swans 2nd Add
Sylvan Park Add
The Chicago Condo
The Crossings
The Ivy Residences
The Legacy
The Olympian Heights
The Reno Land & Improv Co Add
The Soo-Pacific Add
Thorpe Bros 09th Add
Thorpe Bros 10th Add
Thorpe Bros Bryn Mawr
Thorpe Bros Franklin Steele Gr
Thorpe Bros Glenwood Heights
Thorpe Bros Lyndale Heights
Thorpe Bros Maple Leaf Add
Thorpe Bros Rgt Of Blks Washbu
Thorpe Bros William Penn 2nd A
Thorpe Bros William Penn Add
Thrall-Mckenzie Cos Oxford Man
Tingdale Bros Chicago Ave High
Tingdale Bros Portland Way
Tower Lofts
Turners Rgt Lts 13-20 Blk 1 Pa
Twenty Fifth St Add
Usirco 1st Add
Vetters Add
Vicinity Townhomes
Victory Park Add
Village Lofts
Vinton Park Add
W H Lauderdales Add
W J Lewis Add
Waite Park
Walton Park
Waltons 6th Div Of Seven Oaks
Washburndale Add
Watsons Prospect Place Add
Websters Rgt Blk 5 Brackett &
Wellington Condos
Whitney Landmark Residence
Wilsons Rgt Blks East Side Add
Windom Park Add
Winslow House
Winslow House Condo
Wolvertons Add
Wonderland Park Add
Woodland Heights Add
Woods Add-Minneapolis
Wrights Cedar View Heights
Wyant & Kiichlis Add
Wyoming Park Add
Wyoming Park Addition
Yeates & Sons Rgt Blks 4 & 6 K
Yerkes Add
Zenith Condos